Based on the work by Paul Krassner.

January, 1972.


Convinced there's more to the Manson murders than meets the public eye, counterculture journalist Paul Krassner embarks on an LSD tinged investigation of the last of Manson's disciples: Sandra Good, Brenda McCann, and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme.

What he finds could change how the world sees the 60s...

if he lives long enough to tell the story.


Cindy Marie Martin as

Sandra Good

Once a San Diego debutante, Sandy Good left her trust fund upbringing to become one of the most dedicated members of Manson’s Family. Eloquent and well-educated, she became one of the most vocal defenders of the incarcerated killers during their street corner vigil. That is, when not (allegedly) helping Manson associates escape from jail. As the number of Manson supporters dwindle, she is keen to enlist new blood into the Family.

Sarah Taurchini as

Brenda McCann

Discovered by Manson as a Malibu beach bum, Brenda McCann (possibly an alias) became one of his most hardcore followers. Tough, physical, and street-smart, she and fellow Manson follower Bruce Davis lived in the L.A. sewer system for many weeks in an attempt to help Davis avoid arrest. Now with the Family slowly breaking apart, her survival instincts may be telling her it’s time to move on.

Jen Bevan as

Lynette Fromme

One of the first girls to join up with Manson who often acted as matron and comptroller at Spahn Ranch, Lynette Fromme became the acting leader of the Family after Manson was incarcerated. Being a textbook example of a “flower child,” most found it hard to believe the poetic former folk dancer could truly be murderous. In an attempt to change the public view of the Family, she has begun writing a book about their exploits.



Lonnie Martin

Aaron Shirley

Jim McGivney

- Writer/Director -

- Cinematographer -

- Editor -

Cindy Marie Martin

Yildiz Yilmaz

- Producer -

- Producer -


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